Award winning Product

Award-winning Educational Product

Award-winning Educational Product
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I am so excited to announce that I won an award on Friday. Best Educational Product.

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For a fifty-something who has taken a leap of faith into self-employment, it has been quite a year learning to pivot and adapt!

I had always tutored in person, but in late February/early March 2020 I realised that I was going to need to go online, and stay online and therefore I have striven to make my online teaching as good as it can be. I spent time paving the way with my families and researching the best practice learning from experts who have been online for a while. I invested in technology to make sure I had the best kit I could have.

Bitpaper screenshot
Practising negative numbers as part of a game

I constantly refined how I teach, picking up more and more tips and tricks of how to make online lessons for my pupils as good, and in most cases, an even better learning experience than in person. I have even managed to find a way of teaching a pupil who is profoundly deaf by using dual monitors, live captioning and various engaging techniques. Those who say you can’t teach younger or special needs children online haven’t met me!

I have spent time helping other tutors who were later online adopters to me and empowering them to teach quality lessons too, and I continue to learn even more innovative ways to teach online. Getting them to do a worksheet their end is not how I have ever taught online. I use Zoom and BitPaper for collaborative and engaging teaching and learning.

Dual monitors and podcast microphone

In addition to turning 100% online, I have also designed and developed a series of multisensory courses for parents of Primary aged children to pay for automatically and download, print and use daily with their children. These courses enable parents to go back to basics with their child and fill in all the gaps in their knowledge and skills. In each pack, there are hundreds of quality original artwork printable resources, activity instruction cards and then videos where I explain step by step how to use the activities and why it is important and why it works.

All the courses and activities have been specifically designed to help children who are Dyslexic, Dyscalculia and have Maths Anxiety. Careful use of colours and fonts will enable children with Additional Needs to engage with them more easily. There are no worksheets at all in any of my courses! They are #aworksheetfreezone!

Spot digit name cards in my hand

Using a Rekenrek
Numeber recognition cards

2 packs have been released so far, and a further 4 packs are in the pipeline which will take a child from EYFS up to age 8/9 for number skills. Other non-number based packs are also being planned.

It is these courses that have won the award.

To those of you have supported, encouraged and believed in me along the way thank you so much!

Christmas on Zoom

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