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New Group lessons!

What do Neurodiverse children often love and excel in? Art, creativity and science… Therefore the concept of offering small group lessons to children with similar learning differences but not necessarily exactly the same age was born. Topic-based lessons full of fun! Each session focusing on practical enrichment activities that inspire and encourage children to think, problem-solve and above all, understand the ‘hows? and whys?’

What does a ‘Professional Tutor’​ look like?

This week I took part as a panellist on a live Q & A session where we discussed What does a ‘Professional Tutor’ look like? I joined three other very experienced Tutors (Tracy Landsberg, Jay Shurley and Jo Broadey) who are also like me in The Tutors Learning Network ( where we support each other with networking […]

Support your Dyslexic Child with Home learning

Home learning during the pandemic can be a stressful experience for parents and children alike. If your child is struggling with a Specific Learning Difficulty, (SpLD), such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or ASD, there are added difficulties to cope with and greater patience often required by parents. Dyslexic children may need additional time to complete […]

Fact or Myth?

You have to be fast to be good…’ ‘Some people just can’t do Maths, so there’s no point in trying…’
These are just two of the myths around Maths and Maths learning. These myths and others have been debunked in educational research many times over. I have been reading some of this research to keep myself abreast of educational theory.

Are you an inchworm or a grasshopper?

There is an analogy in maths teaching which asks ‘are you an inchworm or a grasshopper?’ ‘What is an inchworm?’ Now for us Brits, the first question is actually ‘what is an inchworm?’ So just to fill that in straight away for you they are one of those caterpillars that move forward by arching and […]

Is your child struggling with learning or remembering their times tables?

Is your child struggling with learning or remembering their times tables? Do you want some tips of how to help them? The age at which children are expected to be fluent and have instant recall of all their times tables up to 12×12 has in recent years gone down to Year 4, as compulsory timed […]

A guide for parents to prepare their children for school

How to prepare for a return to school if you or your child are anxious? A guide for parents to prepare their children for school. Life has been so different for everyone this year and so full of change and continually changing rules and regulations. They haven’t seen their friends much if at all, missed […]

Why board games are good for your brain

Kickstarting maths ability by playing old-style games  Why board games are good for your brain. One theory as to why more children seem to be struggling with certain aspects of number in maths is that as families we don’t sit and play board games or other counting games nearly as much as in previous generations.  […]