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Consultancy Packages. Rather than ongoing weekly online lessons, it is possible to opt for the consultation packages.

Advice or one-off lessons

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Consultation packages may be purchased after you have bought and used one of the Primary Maths Catch Up courses, but you would like further advice. Or you may wish to have a consultation at the start of the process instead.

Package A

£60 one-off fee. 30-60 minutes telephone/zoom consultation, where details of your child’s issues are discussed. Instant advice will be given. After which, I will give you a follow-up document with FAQs and a mini report of suggestions and activities to do with your child to help them. 

Package B

Follow up consultation after package A. Pay by the hour for support and advice. £50/h gives contact time with me by telephone/zoom and also a further follow up report and suggestions for you to do to help your child.  

Package C

Pay by the hour £55/h for non-weekly 1-2-1 bespoke lessons for your child. These lessons are subject to availability. A few one-off lessons directly with me can boost the effectiveness of the Parent Primary Maths Catch Up courses.  

How do I book a consultation?

If you are interested in having a consultation please drop me a message and we can arrange the details and I can explain more information. Please send me an email so that we can start to arrange the meeting.