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1st Podcast done!

Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new and challenging isn’t easy to do and creates anxiety. Last week I joined forces with Julia Silver founder of the Qualified Tutor organisation, and we recorded an episode for their podcast series. The podcast is now edited and available on all usual podcast sites.

Judy Brice talking  on a podcast
Judy Brice on a podcast
Qualified Tutor Raising Standards in Tutoring Together


Qualified Tutor is a professional development community led by expert tutors and visionary school-leaders. They improve outcomes for all students by connecting, training and coaching members to grow from transactional to transformational tutors. They have developed a quality assurance mark for tutors to have. Recognised by The Chartered College of Teaching, the Independent QT Quality Mark will enable us to raise standards in tutoring, one Tutor at a time. 

Why is this needed?

Even before COVID, the tuition industry is exploding into an enormous, but crucially and worriedly unregulated industry. This means that absolutely anyone, and I mean anyone can start-up and offer tuition. Anyone regardless of their own level of education, can offer tuition. Now they may not get many takers, but they are legally allowed to do this, and you as parents have no guarantees that they are who they say they are, or they have any teaching skills or subject knowledge. 

Qualified Tutor is trying to give new tutors training and a Quality Mark, so that they can at least start offering a better service. 


Many experienced tutors like myself also have years of classroom experience under our belts and have QTS, which means Qualified Teacher Status. Having been a teacher, in my opinion, does help you be a better private Tutor although they do need very slightly different skill sets. Still, there are many great Tutors out there who for example, work as a research scientist by day and Tutor A-Level Chemistry part-time in the evening.

Their subject knowledge and real-life application will be gold dust for budding scientists. If they can explain and relate to their pupils, should they be allowed to be a Tutor? Yes, of course, they should! By joining the Qualified Tutor scheme, they can give that quality mark to parents that even though they do not hold QTS, they will be a great Tutor as they have QT. 

My First Podcast!

I have never collaborated in an interview or podcast before. So this was something very new and nervewracking for me to do, but I was in brilliant hands with Julia Silver! Julia was until very recently, before Qualified Tutor became her full-time job, a Senior Leader in a Primary School in London. She is passionate and visionary about providing quality education to all children. We very soon realised that we shared so much in our ethos and teaching methods and it was a delight to be in conversation with each other for over 2 hours and had our children not needed feeding we might still be talking now! 

Julia Silver
Julia Silver

Julia had wanted me to talk to her about my specialism of teaching Maths to children with Maths Anxiety. The podcast is called “Dyscalculia: How to Manage Maths Anxiety, with Judy Brice.” 

We chatted for ages, and these are some of the topics we discussed: 

  • We discussed how I teach in a multisensory way and can teach in a fun and engaging way. 
  • Ways that a new tutor can develop their skills. 
  • How children with Maths Anxiety will benefit from having specialist help sooner rather than later. 
  • General flags to look for that might suggest that your child might have Maths Anxiety because of Dyscalculia.
  • How to help children with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia learn Maths in a way that they can understand. 
  • Difficulties in getting a diagnosis and then the help they need. 
  • How gaps in learning happen and contribute to Maths Anxiety. 

New workshops coming soon

Julia has invited me to offer workshops to the Qualified Tutor community about teaching Maths in a multisensory way online and techniques to help anxious learners. I look forward to this new project and working with Julia, Ludo and their team at Qualified Tutor.

If you would like to hear me and Julia please use any of these links.