Primary Maths Catch Up

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Do you want to be able to help your child
with their Maths yourself?

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Are you worried that your child has maths anxiety?
Do you want ideas of how to help your child develop strategies to cope in a world surrounded by maths?

Why not purchase a parent’s pack from my series of self-help courses… where I step you through simple, but effective strategies to help you, help your child

For about the price of just one hourly one-to-one private lesson, you can purchase one of these packs and start to be able to help your own child in a way that you haven’t been able to do up to now

Each pack includes enough resources and multisensory activities to do on a daily basis for at least two weeks, most likely for a whole month!

I take all the confusing and complex viewpoints from academic research and make it accessible to parents, breaking it down into simple steps and activities that you can do on a regular basis with your own child. 

I can give you the skills and also the maths vocabulary to teach your child the key skills that are most likely to be causing a learning block and preventing them from getting to grips with age-appropriate maths.  

With a better understanding of the science behind how children’s brains develop and the correct vocabulary and phrases, you will be more able to help your child to grow and thrive in the way that they deserve. 

The Maths Resource Courses have been designed and developed for children age 7 upwards and are to be worked through on a daily basis until the pathways in the brain are formed and your child starts to make sense of the concepts. 

Parent Primary Maths Catch Up courses, for you to help your child. 
The first series of 6 packs are all based on Number skills and building all the concepts in order, from the ground upwards.

Each pack includes a series of:

  • Resources in PDF documents
  • Quick and easy to follow activity videos
  • In-depth videos where I explain the activities and the reasoning behind them 

Parents should usually expect to start with Pack 1 and once all the tasks are mastered move on to Pack 2

“Children who undertake just 15 minutes a day using any of the methods, find they can expand the capacity of their working memory considerably within a matter of weeks.  The key requirement is that it is done for a short intensive spell every day without interruptions or distractions.” 

Primary Maths Catch Up

Award winning Educatioonal Product of the year 2020
Primary Maths Catch Up

Primary Maths Catch Up Videos

Welcome video
Introduction to Pack 2
Award winning Educatioonal Product of the year 2020
Resources in Pack 1

Pack 1

Suitable for any age
These videos and printable resources will give them the key skills that are most likely to be causing a block to future learning. 
Topics covered are:
Counting, sequencing and subitising 

22 Activities and videos

10 sets of multi-use printable resources  
Parents should usually expect to start with Pack 1 and once all the tasks are mastered move on to Pack 2. 

Pack 2

Award winning Pack 2
Resources in Pack 2

Building on Pack 1, these videos and printable resources giving them the next key skills.  
Topics covered are:
Number bonds, adding and subtracting to 20, rounding to nearest ten.
22 Activities and videos
14 sets of  multi-use printable resources

Pack 3-6

Pack 3

Topics covered are:

Place value, comparing and ordering, number lines and simple money 

Pack 4

Topics covered are:

Odds and evens, doubling & halving, simple visual fractions   

Pack 5

Topics covered are:

Place value, partitioning and calculations

Pack 6

Topics covered are:

Skip counting, first times tables, multiplication and division

Why are the activities not based on year group objectives? I explain why it is necessary to start back at the beginning to turn around the maths learning journey.   
What do I get in the pack, and how does this system work? 
Why does it need to be 10-20 minutes a day? Why can’t we do an hour in one go, once a week? 
Free activity video
Watch one of the activity videos that is included in the pack to see for yourself.  
Maths anxiety
I explain the link between maths anxiety, working memory and processing speed and why it has such a profound impact on maths learning.  
Dyslexia Friendly
I explain how and why I have tried to make the course as Dyslexia friendly as possible. 

Videos about Pack 2

Introduction to Pack 2
What extra resources are you going to need? All about Rekenreks and Cuisenaire Rods   
How to make a Rekenrek 
What needs laminating?
As there are so many possible printable resources I explain which ones are the most used and therefore need laminating

Maths Resource Pack Details

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Coming soon

Coming later in 2021 will be the next standalone Primary Maths Catch Up Parent short courses.

These smaller individual packs will focus on topics that are less reliant on number skills and are designed for any age. They do not require you to have already used the Primary Maths Catch Up Number series. 

For example, does your child, struggle to tell the time and use clocks? 

If so you can purchase the Telling the Time course. 

Other courses will include ShapesMoney and Measures


The second Primary Maths Catch Up series will comprise of the Times Table packs. 

Pack 1 for consolidating the first ‘easier’ times tables. Pack 2 for the ‘trickier’ ones. 


The third Primary Maths Catch Up series will comprise of the Fractions, Decimals and Percentages packs.


Other series for older children will follow in 2021-22. 

Free downloads

Snakes and ladders game
Snakes and ladders game

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If you would like to buy some of the individual printable resources in bundles please go to my Etsy Shop JMBTutoringUK. These printable resources do not include the Activity cards or videos with exception of the full Pack 1 and Pack 2 which do.

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Photo Gallery Pack 1

I am here to help you, help your child! 

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