Name changing

It’s official!

Well, what a few weeks this has been! I’ve been building up to quite a momentous decision over the last few months, turning my sole trader small tuition business into a fully incorporated limited company. And during this last week, that is what has finally happened. It’s official, I now have a limited company!

Name changing
It’s official!

JMB Tutoring UK is evolving into JMB Educational Services Ltd. Over the next few months, gradually, various parts of the business will be moved over from the client’s point of view too. 

New name, but the same high-quality specialist tuition and the same holistic ethos.

Tuition will continue under the JMB Tutoring part of the company. However, we will now have group lessons, webinars, consultancy, resources, screening & assessments, CPD, New Tutor Mentoring and new staff members who can bring extra specialist expertise to help children even better.

Hopefully, it means that in the future, as a company and with extra staff members, we will be together able to support even more Neurodiverse children and help them unlock their potential.

At my age, it is quite a big deal to make such a momentous decision as this, and I have thought long and hard about it. One of the main things is that over this last year or so, I have gone from thinking as a teacher to thinking like an entrepreneur and businesswoman. These things don’t really come from the same skill set, and I have had to learn!

All the time that I was previously tutoring on and off over the last 12 years, and also still teaching in the classroom at times – I very much had the mindset of a teacher. But now, although I still have that mindset and teaching my pupils is the most important thing to me I now appreciate that alongside that, we need to run this as a business and in a professional way. And if you looked at my last article, about when I was on a panel discussing what makes a Professional Tutor, you see that I’ve already discussed this quite recently. Acting in this professional way, meaning that you are running your tutoring as a business is something that I highly recommend. I chat to many teachers who are just starting out with the tuition, and although they are obviously brilliant teachers, they’re not running it as a business. I feel that that’s what they need to do to move this on.

I would like to thank several people who have very specifically helped me over the last few months get to the place where I am now:

I am pleased to say that I have paid for all these excellent services and sometimes you just have to put your money where your mouth is.

Never be afraid to pay fellow professionals for their time and expertise. It will be money well spent!

So I’m looking to add specialist Dyslexia tutoring, both 1-2-1 and in groups into our company. That will come from new members of staff who have that specialist expertise, which I don’t. So a child coming to us will be able to have Maths tuition, with me, and English tuition with one of our new members of staff.

I’m going to be trying to branch out to help, often the same children but in many different ways.

The parents will be able to be part of our neurodiversity parenting group on Facebook, ( and we will also be supporting them with additional resources and looking to have parent webinars in the not too distant future as well. Later in the year, we are hoping to add screening and assessments into our company services. And this will help many of our existing pupils who are needing assessments.

All of the things that we will be doing within the company with either collaborating Educators that we will signpost you to, or staff members working directly within JMB Educational Services.

All of these ideas are all focused on helping Neurodiverse children cope better. They need to feel empowered.

And a lot of the time they won’t be feeling empowered yet. That’s what we’re here to do, to help foster their well being with high-quality specialist tuition and support and help them start to thrive.

Taking the leap from just tutoring a few children to turning it into a proper business is something that at times has been quite scary to take risks, especially in my 50s, but it’s one that I am really pleased that I’ve made this decision and to move forward in such a positive way. 

Superhero child
Superhero child

I really feel that I found my tribe later in life. And I’m here to support the parents and the children to find their tribes too. It’s really quite exciting. Although a little bit scary too. I won’t deny that.

So, a new name but same high-quality specialist tuition and support for neurodiverse children. 

Judy Brice – JMB Educational Services Ltd