Site licence for Primary Maths Catch Up – Pack 2


Apply here to purchase a site licence for Primary Maths Catch Up – Pack 2.
A School Site Licence, for use with more than one pupil.
Number Bonds to 5 and 10, Addition and Subtraction to 20, and Rounding to nearest 10. This pack uses a Rekenrek and Cuisenaire Rods which you may wish to buy separately or make the versions that I show you in the pack.
The packs are designed for children of age 7 upwards and to be worked through on a daily basis, until the pathways in the brain are formed and your child starts to make sense of the concepts. Each pack includes a series of:
  • Resources in PDF documents
  • Quick and easy to follow activity videos
  • In-depth videos where I explain the activities and the reasoning behind them
As well as the printable resources, you will need to use easily sourced objects that you may already have at home, such as playdough, counters and dominoes.
All Printable resources are original artwork.


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